Creating a document

Steps to how to create a document and what document types there is

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How to create a new document

  1. Click on Create in the upper left side

  2. Choose the type of document you want to create

Depending on the App Mode you are in, you will see different document types to choose from.

Adding content to your document

Upload a file

  1. To upload a file, you can either drag and drop the desired file from your device into the designated "Upload a File" box or click on the box and select the document from there.

Please note:

  • We offer support for the most commonly used document formats in the market, and you can also upload documents from Google Drive.

    After the document has been successfully uploaded, you have the option to rename it or assign a deal value to it (only for sales documents). You may then proceed to add your intended recipient(s).

    Please take note that the file size should not exceed 20 MB. It is important to keep in mind that many email clients have a maximum file size limit of 20 MB. Therefore, if the file exceeds this limit, a signed copy will not be able to be sent via email.

Upload and Customize a Word Merge Doc

When uploading a document you have the option of using our Word Merge feature. With this, you can create a word-doc using GetAccept or unique Word Merge tags and customize them with in-line text.

  1. Create a Word document and place GetAccept and Word Merge tags wherever you would like to place custom text (see below for how to use the GetAccept and Word Merge tags).

  2. Once your document is completed with the tags, log in to GetAccept and choose New Document in the top right corner.

  3. To use your Word Merge document, click the Upload File block, then choose your file with the Word Merge tags in it.

  4. GetAccept will pick up that this is a Word Merge document and a window will appear with the field labels matching the tags you placed in the document.

  5. Click on the Save button and the document will begin to upload with the populated in-line text.

  6. Done!

Word merge tags:

  • If you would like to type in custom text, you want to use Word Merge tags. To do so, within your document's text, place a $ to begin the tag.

  • Then type what you'd like the label to be named, and close the tag using another $. It should look something like this: $Label_Name$ (use a _ if there is a space)

GetAccept Merge Variables:

If you would like to auto-populate the document with data from GetAccept, such as company name or recipient name.

  1. Place a $ to begin the tag, and type which merge tag you'd like to use

  2. Close the tag using another $. It should look something like this: $recipient.first_name$

  • You can download an example Word file to test this here.

Use the Editor

  1. Click on the Editor box

  2. Choose either a new editor block or one from your Editor library (Editor resource)

  • Within an Editor block, some elements can be added to build the document. You will see a text element when you add a new editor block. Read more about it here.

  • When you select New editor block a text block will appear:

  • When you select Editor library you will see a new window where you can find your resource and add it to the document.

Select a Template from your content library

  1. To use a template, click on the Use Template option and choose the one you would like to send to your recipients.

  2. You can use a GetAccept template that you have created under the Content Library tab in the left main menu.

  • Once your document is fully uploaded, you can rename it, tag it, or add a deal value to it (if it's a sales document). You can then add your recipient(s).

  • Read more about the Content library here.

Select a GoogleDocs Template

  1. Click Use templates

  2. Select your Google Docs Template (You can see it by the Google drive symbol on the Template)

  3. Once the template is uploaded, you can edit it, click on the Google Drive symbol

  4. A separate window will appear and you can edit the template just like in Google Docs.

  5. You can also choose to open a new tab for easier editing.

  6. When you are done, click the Save button to make the changes to the document.

  7. Done!

  8. Once your document is uploaded you can rename it or add a deal value to it (recommended if it's a sales document).

Please note!

  • If you want to upload another editable block to the already existing GoogleDocs draft, make sure all blocks don't need to be edited.

  • If you have two different editable blocks to the same draft and you edit the GoogleDocs draft, all blocks will be overwritten with the newly edited GoogleDocs document.

Add a Video to your document

The Video Element can be used to add a video to your Editor block.

  1. Click on the Video box

Here you can:

  • Record a video

  • Add video from URL

  • Copy the URL from YouTube or Vimeo and insert it into the field. The video will automatically be added.

  • Choose a video from the Video Library

  • Upload a video from your device

Recommended file type(s): MOV, .AVI. , MP4

Max. file size: 124 MB.

Add a Link

  1. Click on the Link box

  2. Once you input a URL, a preview of the link image will appear. You can either keep the default or change the image.

  3. After inputting all the prompts, click on Add Link to add it to your document.

  • To edit, move, replace, or delete your Link block, click on the three dots in the top right corner and select what you want to do with the link block.

Import a file from your Google Drive

  1. Click on the Google Drive box

  2. Choose the document or file you want to upload and it will begin to be added to the document.

  • You can access Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, or other files stored on your Google Drive and upload them into your document.

  • GetAccept will convert it to a PDF, so it will not be able to be edited once uploaded. If you would like to make edits to your Google Docs, Slides, or Sheets, you can create Google Doc templates and make inline edits while creating your document.

How to add more content to the document

If you would like to upload another block with content, scroll below the already added page and repeat the process; choosing from:

  • Upload a File

  • Editor

  • Use Template

  • Video

  • Link

  • Google Drive.

How to upload more than one file when sending a document

  1. Click on the dot above or below the already uploaded file

  2. Choose Upload file

Select a document from your templates, Google Drive, or on your computer to upload.

Your document will be updated, you can rearrange the pages, and then you can proceed through your workflow as normal.

How to rearrange your document's page

  1. Click on the three dots on the document page you wish to move.

  2. Click on Move

  3. Choose where you want to move the selected page

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