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How to add Custom CRM Merge Tags to the Editor to fetch data from integrations
How to add Custom CRM Merge Tags to the Editor to fetch data from integrations

Learn how to add custom CRM merge tags within the inline editor (to for example fetch data from Pipedrive, LimeGo, Upsales and more)

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The quicker your users are able to complete the creation of a document, the quicker they will be able to deliver it to be signed.

By using GetAccept's editor with merge tags, your custom CRM data can be embedded right within the editor's text, entirely automating the document creation process.

This ensures your users can focus on adding personalization features, like videos and custom chats, and spend less time building the document.

How to find the Custom Merge Tags within Your CRM

Once you see the Merge Tag and Fallback Value inputs, you need to find the merge tags you want to place in your document.

Our Chrome Extension CRM integrations all have the same steps to find the list of available merge tags.

  1. Simply log in to the Chrome extension

  2. Create a new send-out by selecting signing or tracking, add any recipient

  3. Then on the window where you select your template or file, click on Show Template Parameters near the bottom.

You will see a list of merge variables related to the deal, contact, company, or all of them, depending on which object you are currently on. Find the one you need and then copy it.

How to add the custom merge tag to your Template

Head back into GetAccept and go to the template you created earlier with the editor block.

  1. Click anywhere in your editor block where you want to add the data

  2. Click on the { } symbol in the formatting bar menu above the editor block

  3. Click on Create new custom merge tag

  4. Paste the merge tag in the field

  5. Click on Add when you are done

  6. Click on Save

  • Please note!

    If you have added the specific merge tag before you can find it easily by clicking on Custom merge tag

Once you are back in your CRM integration, go through the normal create new send-out flow and choose the template you added the custom merge tag to.

Pro Tips:

  • Type {{ anywhere in the editor to quickly pop up the merge tags dropdown.

  • Copy and paste your custom tag if you need to use the same one elsewhere.

  • The Merge Tag is where you copy and paste the CRM tag you want to merge in.

  • The Fallback Value is where you put a fallback text to be merged in if the CRM data is empty or if you want a manual override text to display.

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