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Document settings (E-sign plan)

Document settings, Reminder settings, notification settings (eSign)

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Document settings


Here you can set default settings regarding signing a document: Make sure to click save whenever you make a change.

Signing methods

Select how documents should be signed. The methods you select here will be applied to all new documents created on this entity.

  • Sign by hand

    • The recipient will sign the document with a digital handwritten signature. The signature will be visible on the signature certificate that is created when all recipients have signed.

  • Sign with initials

    • The recipient will sign the document with their initials.

  • Sign by typing

    • Sender and recipient can choose to type their signature with the keyboard.

  • Sign with electronic identification (Add-on for the eSign plan, contact us for more information)

    • Sign documents with Electronic Identification (e-ID), also known as Advanced eSigning.

  • Automatically add sender signature (self-sign)

    • The sender’s signature will automatically be added to the document.

Recipient management

Select how the sender should be able to interact with recipients. Make sure to click save whenever you make a change.

  • Identify new recipients (This feature is not included in the eSign plan, to learn more about this feature and to get access to it reach out to us!)

    • The sender will be notified by email when the document is opened by someone who is not in the recipient list

  • Enable document chat

    • Add the chat functionality to the document page. This will apply to all documents on the entity.

  • Allow recipients to download document

    • Allow recipients to download the document before and after signing.

  • Allow signature transfer

    • Allow recipients to transfer their signature rights to the person they are forwarding the document to.

  • Show e-sign consent before signing

    • Collect consent from the recipient according to the terms of the e-signing disclosure, before they sign the document. They will consent to the same terms by signing the document.

Other document settings

These settings will apply to all documents sent out from this entity. Make sure to click save whenever you make a change.

  • Document expires after

    • Set the default expiration date for all new sent documents

  • Unique document ID

    • The ID you enter above will be used for the next document that is created. Leave empty to disable unique document ID

  • Position of digital fingerprint on signature certificate

    • Write how many pixels you want to move it downwards. Move it upwards: add minus sign (-) before the number.

  • Send email copy of all non-private signed documents to

    • The email entered here will send the PDF certificate of all signed documents to the entered email.

  • Customize sender name in emails

  • Enter an alternate reply-to address, where replies from recipient(s) should go


Here you can select which conditions should trigger an email reminder to the recipient

Make sure to click save whenever you make a change.

  • Automatically send new reminders (This needs to be ON if all below reminders should be triggered)

  • Document not opened

  • Document not signed

  • Set reminder frequency

  • Document expires soon

  • Send reminders on weekends


Select when you as a sender want to be notified. Make sure to click save whenever you make a change.

  • Send notification by email (This needs to be ON if all below notifications should be triggered)

  • When the document is reviewed

  • When the document has been signed

  • When the document could not be delivered

  • When the document has been printed

  • When the document attachment has been opened

  • When the document has been viewed

  • When a recipient has commented

  • When the document is rejected

  • When the document has been downloaded

  • When the document has expired

  • When the document has been forwarded.

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