My profile (E-sign plan)

Set up your profile (eSign)

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How to access your profile settings

  1. Click on your profile image up to the right

  2. Select "My profile"

How to set up your profile

Here you can see and edit the below information:

  • First and Last name

  • Email

  • Title

  • Phone number

  • Timezone

  • Language

  • App mode

How to change your password

Under your profile information, you can change your password.

  1. Enter the old password

  2. Enter the new password

  3. Repeat the new password

  4. Click on "Change password"

  5. Done!

  • The information provided in My Profile will also be used to create an email signature for your send-outs.

  • It is recommended to upload a profile picture as it will also be included in your email signature and add a friendly face to your send-outs.

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