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Sympa HR integration

Read about our Sympa HR integration with GetAccept and how to install and configure it to eSign employment contracts etc.

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Sympa offers the possibility to use electronic signing with GetAccept.

The contract (eg. employment contract) is created in Sympa and then automatically sent to GetAccept for the e-signing process.

Installing Sympa HR integration

  • Login to Sympa HR as administrator

  • Enter settings-menu.

  • Locate Electronic signature under the INTEGRATIONS section

  • Click to configure.

Generate integration key in GetAccept

  • Now login to your GetAccept account using

  • Go to Settings, Integrations, and locate Sympa in the list.

  • Click "Settings" button next to Sympa in the list and copy and save your unique integration key.

  • You will need this in the next step when configuring the integration inside Sympa.

Create integration in Sympa

  • Click "Add new" to create a new integration and select "Sympa eSign API" from the list.

  • Enter details from the table and add your own integration key from the previous step.

Name *


Type *

Sympa eSign API

Service provider URL *

Integration key *

<Copy from GetAccept>

Sympa URL

Secret key

<Leave empty>

Configure authentication methods

  • Login to Sympa HR as administrator.

  • Access the Settings menu and select Formbases.

  • Click on Contract and select Data field settings.

  • Click on the pen icon next to Contracts to edit settings for sent contracts

  • Scroll down to the Electronic signing settings and you will find identification method.

    • Email will send out the document by email for eSignature (Click-to-sign)

    • Email and text message will also send out a text message with a code to verify the signee

    • Email and social security number based authentication will also send the personal number of the signee to GetAccept and enable eID signing (BankID, NemId etc.).

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