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Push formatted rich text from Salesforce into GetAccept with merge text elements
Push formatted rich text from Salesforce into GetAccept with merge text elements

Formatted rich text in Salesforce can be seamlessly used in a GetAccept contract or deal room template with our merge text element

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The quicker your users are able to complete the creation of a contract or deal room, the quicker they will be able to progress the sales process.

By using GetAccept's editor with our merge tag element, you're rich text formatted Salesforce data can be embedded right within the editor, entirely automating the creation process. This functionality is supported for both our Deal room and Contract room modules.

This ensures your sales reps can focus on adding the right content, personalization features, like videos and custom chats, and spend less time building the document.

How to find the Custom Merge Tags within Your Salesforce

  1. Using a user with the correct permissions, follow the steps below to find the list of merge fields that may be used with the new merge text element.

    1. Note: The merge tag selected must be linked to a field using rich text in Salesforce.

How to add the custom merge element to your Template

Head into GetAccept and go to a template with an editor block.

  1. Click anywhere in your editor block where you want to add the data

  2. Click on the { } symbol in the formatting bar menu above the editor block

  3. Enable the toggle for Convert to merge text element

  4. Paste the merge tag in the field

  5. Click on Save merge node

  6. Create a Deal room or Contract room that uses the merge text element from Salesforce and see formatted data from Salesforce appearing in your room. As shown below. Note: Additional edits can be made if desired.


Not all formatting from Salesforce fields will be pushed into GetAccept.

Not currently supported:

  • indents

  • text color & size

  • Underline

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