How to set up Document Settings

How to set up the entities default document settings for Signing, Recipient(s) and the Document

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Please note!

  • This setting can only be edited by an admin. The settings will affect all users on the entity if nothing else is stated.

  • When you toggle ON/OFF a setting or make changes to a text field always remember to click on Save

How to navigate to your document settings

  1. Click on your profile image up to the right

  2. Select Settings

  3. Under Document settings -> Click on Settings

  4. Here you can select different settings for Signing, recipients and for the document

Signing methods

Select how documents should be signed. The methods you select here will be applied to all new documents created on this entity.

Use hand-written signature

The recipient will sign the document with a digital handwritten signature. It will be seen on the signature certificate when all recipients have signed.

Sign the document with your initials

The recipient will sign the document with their initials.

Sign by typing

The sender and recipient can choose to use the keyboard to create a signature.

Sign the document by receiving an SMS code

The recipient will receive a unique code via SMS. The recipient can sign a document by entering this code into the input field that will pop up.

Sign the document with electronic identification

Sign documents with Electronic Identification (e-ID), also known as Advanced eSigning.

Enable QES signing (Qualified Electronic Signature)

The recipient will sign using QES, the third and most secure level of electronic signature.

Sender signing

Select how to add the sender's signature to a document.

Automatically add sender signature (self-sign)

The sender’s signature will automatically be added to the document.

Sender and recipient interaction

Select how the sender should be able to interact with recipients.

Identify new recipients

The sender will be notified by email when the document is opened by someone who is not on the recipient list

Enable document chat

Add the chat functionality to the document page. This will apply to all documents on the entity.

Enable comments

Allow senders and recipients to highlight specific content and comment on it. This will be enabled in all new documents created on this entity.

Recipient actions

These settings will affect the workflow for the recipients of a document

Allow recipients to download the document

Allow recipients to download the document before and after signing.

Allow signature transfer

Allow recipients to transfer their signature rights to the person they are forwarding the document to.

Show e-sign consent before signing

Collect consent from the recipient according to the terms of the e-signing disclosure, before they sign the document. They will consent to the same terms by signing the document.

Recipient verification

Use SMS to verify that the right person is accessing your document.

Verify with SMS code to open

To access the document the recipient will need a 6-digit code, sent as a text message to their mobile phone. This setting can be changed by users on a document level.

Advanced settings

These settings will apply to all documents sent out from this entity.

Document expires after

Set the default expiration time you want the document to have. When a document is expired you can simply just update the expiration date within the document to activate it again. Read more about it here.

Unique Document ID

Activate unique ID for all documents. The ID you enter here will be used for the next document that is created. Leave empty to disable unique document ID.

This is for internal purposes and a recipient won't see the unique ID.

Position of digital fingerprint on signature certificate

Adjust the location of the footer fingerprint appearing on signed documents, making sure it doesn't cover anything up on your signed document.

You can move it up by doing -# pixels you want to move it up by or move it down by doing # pixels you want to move it down by.

Customize SMS sender name

If you want to change the name which is stated as the sender name on an SMS (text message) you can write the name in this field.

A name can be 11 characters long.

Not all countries support alphanumeric sender IDs. See the list here

Send an email copy of all non-private signed documents to

The email Sender email is today defaulted to the user email who is sending the document. When a recipient is answering an email to

The email goes out to the sender of the document.

With Sender Email Reply To, you can change so that when a recipient is answering an email, instead of going to the sender it goes automatically to the chosen email address.

Customize the sender name in emails

The email sender name is today defaulted to the user name field, for example, John Doe via GetAccept could say ACME Inc via GetAccept in the email sender name.

Email address where responses should be sent

The reply to the sender's email. If a recipient responds to an email sent via GetAccept then it will be sent to the added email.

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