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How to integrate Close to GetAccept

Updated over a week ago

How to integrate Close to GetAccept

If you are using Close CRM and would like to connect it with GetAccept to have your send-outs connected to your Close Opportunities, you can do so very easily using the Close API Key in the settings. 

  1. Log into Close

  2. In the upper left corner, click on your user name and select Account

  3. In the side menu that will pop up to the right click on API keys

  4. Click on + New API key in the upper right corner

  5. Enter an API key name

  6. Click on Create API key

  7. Copy the API key

  8. Go back to your GetAccept account and navigate to the close CRM settings under Integrations, click settings and there paste your API key.

  9. Click on Save when you are done

When done, make sure to go back to your Close CRM integration and add the integration links to be able to create send-outs.

  1. Click on your user name in the upper left corner

  2. Click on account

  3. In the menu that will pop up to your right click on Integration link under Customization

  4. Add both links for opportunity and lead:

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