If you are using Close CRM and would like to connect it with GetAccept to have your send outs connected to your Close Opportunities, you can do so very easily using the Close API Key in the settings. 

Once you have gone to the Close Settings > API Keys, created a new key, and named it appropriately, copy the key and head into GetAccept in another tab. Open the GetAccept Settings > Integrations and find the Close connect button. You will be asked to paste the API Key in the prompt and once you do, Close will be connected with GetAccept!

Now, when you go to an Opportunity in Close, you will see a Send Document with GetAccept button in the bottom left under your custom fields. Click this, and a new tab with a drafted GetAccept send out will be created. You will see the recipient information merge over from Close and the document title should be the company name associated to the contact. You can then upload your template, add your video, and deliver the send out as you normally would. When you go back into the Opportunity in Close, you will see the document URL and status of the send out attached to the timeline.

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