When you integrate GetAccept with Okta, you can:

  • Control in Okta who has access to GetAccept.

  • Enable your users to be automatically signed-in to GetAccept with their Okta user accounts.

  • Manage your accounts in one central location - the Okta portal.

Create GetAccept user groups in Okta

  1. From the Developer Console, hover over Directory and then select Groups from the menu that appears.

  2. Click Add Group and fill out a name for the GetAccept Administrator group, example GetAccept Administrators

  3. Click Add Group again and now fill out a name for the GetAccept User group, example GetAccept Users

Adding GetAccept to Okta applications

  1. From the Developer Console, switch to Classic UI, go to Applications page and click Add Application

  2. Click Create New App, select Web and SAML 2.0, click Create

  3. Enter GetAccept as App name and you can optionally add the logo from below. Right-click the logo, save it to your desktop then select and upload it to the new application. Click Next when done.

Setting up SAML settings in Okta

  1. Login to your entity in GetAccept.

  2. Go to Settings, Integrations and scroll down to SAML Authentication and click Connect.

  3. Copy the first ACS Url,
    ex. https://app.getaccept.com/auth/saml/abc123/acs
    and paste this URL into Okta Single sign on URL and Default RelayState

  4. Copy the Entity ID from GetAccept,
    ex. https://app.getaccept.com/auth/saml/abc123/metadata.xml
    and paste this URL into Okta Audience URI (SP Entity ID).

  5. Change the setting Name ID format in Okta to EmailAddress. Click Next at the bottom of the form.

  6. On the final screen, select I'm an Okta customer adding an internal app and click Finish button.

Setting up SAML settings in GetAccept

  1. After finishing creating the application in Okta, click the button View Setup Instructions by the yellow section.

  2. Copy the information on the new page to the fields in GetAccept.
    The value from Identity Provider Issuer should be in the first field (Identity Provider Issuer URL).
    Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL should be in the second field (SSO Login Redirect URL).
    Copy the full content of the X.509 Certificate including the begin/end tags and dashes.

  3. Click Save in GetAccept to save the SAML integration settings.

Assign Okta user groups to the GetAccept application

  1. Go back to Okta application GetAccept and select the Assignments tab.

  2. Hover Assign and click Assign to Groups from the list

Click Assign button next to the GetAccept Administrators and GetAccept Users group.

Click Done to close the assign window

Add the users who should have access to the SSO application and GetAccept using the Directory in Okta.

Test the the GetAccept application

Make sure the users are added to GetAccept manually or configure SCIM to automatically sync users, roles and teams from Okta to GetAccept.

Try out the SSO integration by going to My Apps in the top-right corner of Okta.

Click the GetAccept box to SSO login directly to GetAccept with the current authenticated user in Okta.

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