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How to create and use Content resources
How to create and use Content resources

How to create and use Content resources

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By creating content resources you can have content stored separately, allowing you to add it to your room when you want it, instead of building it into a template room right away.

Content resources in your library can be created just the way you want them and used in the room just the way you want them.

A Deal room resource is not limited to the content of a single section, as it is for Contract resources. Here, a content resource can be anything you need it to be; a set of multiple sections, a single section, a set of elements, or a single element

How to create a Content resource

To create a Content resource simply:

  1. Click on Create new up to the right in your content library

  2. Select Content resource

  3. Name your content resource

  4. Click on Create when you are done

  5. The Content resource will be added to your current place in your library, and tagged as a Content resource.

How to add a Content resource to your room

To add a Content resource, simply:

  • When choosing to add a section or an element click on Browse content resources

When in a template room or in your current room there are two ways your Content resource can be used.

  1. It can be added as it was originally created, if it has more than one section for example if you choose to add it as a new section on a page, and the Content resource has more than one section, it will appear as the Content resource was created:

  2. Or it can be added within an existing section, if a Content resource is added to an existing section, all elements of the Content resource will be added to the destination section.

Content resource settings

  1. To access the settings in your content resource click on the setting symbol in the upper right corner


Here you can set

Public content resource

This content resource is only visible for you and for entity admins until it’s made public. Use the switch if you want all users on the entity to be able to use it.

Delete content resource

Here you can select to delete the resource, please keep in mind that if you delete this content resource you will not be able to retrieve it.

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