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Add signatures to your editor content
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The signature element lets you add signatures directly into your editor content, rather than only showing them in the contract certificate.

Doing so creates a more secure and trustworthy experience for your signers, as they now can see the prior signers' signatures in a contract before signing themselves.

The signature element also introduces contextual signing workflows for editor contracts.

When you add the Signature element to your content it will automatically populate with signature placeholders for all signers och Template signer roles. Use the menu settings to alternate layout options.

The order of the signatures will is based on this logic:

  • The senders signature is always placed last

  • The recipient signatures are places in chronological order, with the first added signer first

  • The signatures follows the signing order, with the first signer first, if you have signature order toggled on

We will add custom drag and drop ordering in the near future.

Signature peripheral information

To make the setup as efficient as possible, we've based the peripheral information on the recipient / contact details and the values will automatically show beneath each signature placeholder.

Recipient information is edited in the recipient options, which you can access and edit by clicking the peripheral information, in the element menu or by clicking the recipient in the right menu bar.

Sender information is based both on entity settings and your user profile.

Click the display option in the menu to control which information to include for each element, and in which format you'd like the signature date to be displayed in. The regional formatting for the signature date is based on the regional entity settings.

Contextual signatures

If you add multiple signature elements to a contract, for contextual or legal purposes, they will have the following behaviors:

For your signing recipient, they will become a prerequisite to fully sign the document, as they will need to actively add their signatures to all elements that are assigned to them. Once they've added their first signature to an element, they will only need to click the remaining elements to add the same signature.

For you, as a sender, all signature elements assigned to you will populate with your own signature when you send the document.

Signer display options

If you select a specific signer in the element you get an option to hide the signer from the specific element. By doing so you exclude the specific signers' signature from the element, but they remain a signer in the document.

Use this feature to only display the necessary signatures for contextual signatures, or if you only want specific signers' signatures in your editor content, and others only in the certificate.

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