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How to add and set up the Image Element
How to add and set up the Image Element

Summary of the Image Element within the Editor

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How do I add an Image element to my Editor block?

  1. Click on the blue [ + ] symbol

  2. Choose Image

  3. Choose either an image from your Image library, upload an image or add an image from URL

Use this element to add images to your document. You can choose one from the image library, upload a picture from your computer or by using an image URL.

We support many different image types, including GIFs, to help you bring your document to life! Resize the image with the preset options and add text captions below or on top of the image to explain what it is the recipient is looking at.

You can also add a hyperlink to the image, connecting it to a webpage. If you need the image placed in a specific area, use the image alignment to move it.

**Resizing your images to any size is on the roadmap, but for now, the preset options are available to use.

Formatting Bar

After uploading an image and clicking on the element, you will see a formatting bar appear with many different options:

  • Resize Image - Choose from the Original Size, Half-Width, Full-Width, and Cover Image

  • Image Alignment to Left, Center, or Right

  • Displaying a Caption and Text on an Image

  • Adding a Hyperlink to the image

  • Move the image element up or down between other elements

  • Replace the Image with a different one

  • Delete image element

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