How to add recipients to a document

After uploading your document, under the recipient tab on the right side, you can add recipients to the document.

See the guide below on how to add a recipient to a send-out.

How to add new recipients to a document

  1. Click on the button + Add new recipient

  2. Fill in the recipient details and click on Save

  3. Done!

The recipient will be added to your Contacts so you can easily add them to new documents in the feature.

If you upload multiple recipients, you can create a recipient workflow and assign different roles to each party involved.

How to add an existing contact to a document

  1. Enter the name of the contact in the search field above the Add new recipient button

  2. Scroll down to find the contact and click on it

  3. Done!

How to assign a recipient to a role

When you have a template with a role connected to it, it is important that you click on the role, and add the recipient this way.

  1. Click on the role (example: Recipient)

  2. Search for the recipient

  3. Click on Save when done

Also important to do this if you have certain fields connected to this role that you've added in the template. This way, once you've added the recipient to that role, the fields will be automatically connected to them.

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