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Creating a document: Document Engagement and Interaction
Creating a document: Document Engagement and Interaction

How to add an intro video to your document, chat, Identify new users and Instant phone call

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How to add an intro video to your document

  1. Click on the Engage tab

  2. Click on Video Introduction and hit Record

  3. Click on the red button and start recording!

  4. When finished click on the red button again. If you aren't happy with the video you can always retake it.

  5. To use the recording, click Use.

  6. Done!

Upload a video from the video library

  • You can also upload a pre-recorded video from the video library. Instead of recording a video click on the option Video Library under the record button.

  • You can use an old recording or upload a video stored on your device.

Upload from your device

To upload a video from your device to the video library simply click on the three lines symbol under Engagement video. You can either drag and drop the file or click in the big rectangle to browse all your stored files.

We recommend using file types MOV, AVI, MP4. The size shouldn't exceed 128 MB.

Click on save when done.

Use YouTube or Vimeo link

If you want to use a YouTube or Vimeo link simply put in the URL of the link under Upload new video. Hit save when done.

Upload a video with the smartphone app

If you download our GetAccept mobile app you can record a video on the fly, add it to the video library and then use it in the future for a send-out.

Click on the smartphone symbol under Engagement video to get started.

Automated Live Chat

How to automatically start a conversation with your recipients

When preparing the document you will see an Engage tab in the top right.

  • Click on it and you will see a Conversation starter button.

  • Once clicked, a window will pop up with a message looking like this:

Good to know

  • Leave the default message, which can be changed in the settings, or edit the message ad hoc. Use different variables, such as {{recipient.first_name}}, to have it autofill with certain information.

  • This auto comment will now appear in the chat while the recipient is viewing your document, prompting them to respond with any questions or concerns that you can address.

Variables include:

  • {{recipient.first_name}}

  • {{recipient.last_name}}

  • {{sender.first_name}}

  • {{sender.last_name}}

  • {{sender.fullname}}

  • {{}}

  • {{document.value}}

After you have added your auto-comment, you can choose how to deliver your document. You can use our email send out, send via SMS, or sign in-person.

Identify new users

How to enable the function "Identify new viewers"

  1. Click on Engage Tab

  2. Toggle ON Identify New Viewers feature.

  • The great thing about the pop-up is that it will appear as if the original recipient is doing her due diligence and granting security access to the new recipient.

  • Once they authenticate themselves with a name and email, you will receive their contact information in real-time and know how long they are looking at the send-out.

  • This setting can also be turned on per default in the Document settings by an Admin. Note: Any changes in document settings will be on per default for all users.

  • When you have activated the ‘’Identify new recipients’' function in your entity settings and under the Engage tab, it will ask the customer to provide their email address to identify themselves, should they open the document a second time with a different IP address and/ or device.

  • This acts like an extra layer of authentication, checking if the recipient opening the document is the rightful approver / Signer of this document.

  • If someone who is not added to the recipient list opens the link and identifies themselves with their email, they will be added to the recipient list as an only view. This will give you a full vision of who opens the send-out once it's delivered and is very valuable when there are multiple decision-makers involved.

Instant phone call

How to enable the function "Instant Phone Call"

  1. Click on Engage Tab

  2. Toggle ON Instant Phone Call

  • This will allow recipients to call you with a click of a button while they are viewing your send-out.

  • You can activate this integration with Twilio in two ways. Either go to Settings -> Integrations -> Connect with Twilio or start sending out a document, go to the Engage Tab, and activate the Instant Phone Call from there.

  • When preparing your send-out and under the Engage Tab, you will notice an Instant Phone Call option.

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