In the mobile app, you can record a video that you can save to the Video Library. Then you will be able to use the video at a later stage from the computer.

How to record a video to the video library through the mobile app

  1. Click on the Video button in the bottom right of the screen

  2. Choose Video Library in GetAccept and press Record Video. The video will automatically upload to your Video Library

  3. Done!

You will find the recorded video under Engage > Library in the web app when in a document draft.

Add an already existing video from the mobile library

You can also add video from the mobile library to the video library in the GetAccept app.

  1. Instead of recording a video, press Select video instead

  2. You will have three options: Photo Library, Take Video or Choose File. Choose Photo Library and then choose the video you would like to use

  3. Done!

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