Electronic Identification (eID) is only available in the Professional plan and Enterprise Plus plan.

Electronic Identification (eID) signing is a great way to ensure that it's the correct recipient that signs the document.

An admin can activate eID for all send-outs done on the entity in the settings, or a user can activate it for an individual send-out.

We currently support:

  • BankID – SWE

  • BankID NO – NO

  • NemID – DK

  • NemID for erhverv – DK

  • NemID nøglefil – DK

  • MitID - DK (new)

  • Finnish Trust Network – FI

Activate eID in settings

Important: It will be per default for all users on the entity, and can be deactivated manually on the send-out.

  1. Go to Document settings

  2. Tick in the box Sign document with e-ID

  3. Done!

Activate eID on an individual send-out

  1. Create a draft

  2. Add a recipient

  3. Click on the padlock to the right side of the recipient's name

  4. Choose Signing method > Electronic Identification

  5. Click Save

  6. Done!

You will know that an authorization method has been added to the recipient if the padlock is green when you have saved it.

Once the recipient is ready to sign, they can choose which of our supported eIDs they would like to use in a drop-down list.

Signature options with eID on GetAccept

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