If you are an Enterprise Plus customer you can use Email templates in branding to have multiple sending options. This article will guide you through those steps.

Go to Settings > Sendings and rename the email subject line of your sendings to {{document.name}} . This will be the most diverse way to name your emails as you can only have one default email subject line for newly sent documents.

Then go to Branding > Edit Email Template. Here you want to make a copy from our standard template (or if you have your own HTML template for emails that work too).

Open up the Standard email template and insert a new name for it.

Then Scroll down to where it says <!-- content --> in the text part of the code.

Remove the {{email.message}} tag.

Now you will need some HTML code to create the message.

Only your creativity sets the limit to what you can do here with the content. We will keep it to the basics in this example.

If you want to create a larger heading you can write:

<h1> Hello {{recipient.first_name}}</h1> .

The merge tag {{recipient.first_name}} will fetch the name of the recipient you will send the email to later on. You can use any of our built-in merge variables in your email content to personalize it.

For your paragraph, you can write:

<p> I have sent you {{document.name}}, <br> it contains fun and exciting news about our new features. <br> If you sign it all these cool features will be accessible <br> to you. <br> Looking forward to helping you sell!! </p>

<h1> and </h1> will opens and closes the larger heading.

The <p> and </p> opens and closes the paragraph.

Each <br> creates a new row of text in the email.

The merge tag {{document.name}} fetches the name of the document you send out.

Your final template code could look something like this:

Here is an example of what it will look like when we create a new document.

Just repeat the process above if you want multiple sending options.

If you have any questions, please contact support in the chat up in the right corner.

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