Adding video to your Sendout in Salesforce

How to add a personal introductory video to your sendout

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GetAccept highly encourages using video introductions, especially on signable documents. We’ve found that adding a face to the name can increase your close rate by up to 43%!

This feature is available in version 2.11.0 and above of the GetAccept Salesforce integration. How to update your GetAccept for Salesforce:

How to add a video

  1. Click Next on the document upload page.

  2. Click the green "Record Video" button from the "Prepare Sendout" screen. The "Video Library" remains an option if you would like to select a pre-recorded video.

  3. Ensure that you authorize the use of your webcam and microphone from your browser.

  4. Record your video introduction and add that personal touch.

Note: This feature is supported in all major browsers except for Safari

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