When you first sign up for GetAccept you will not have a signature saved to your user profile. In order for the system to capture and save your signature for future use, you will need to send a document out through GetAccept that has the "Sender will Sign this Document" option enabled. 

Once you have uploaded a document and enabled the sender signing option, you can go to the Sending tab and click the Prepare for Sending button, which will open a window asking your to Sign and Send. 

Once you click this option, a window will pop open asking you to create your signature that will be saved for future use. You can use your mouse pad, send it to your phone to use your finger to sign, or use the type to sign option. 

Your signature will now be saved for future send outs. You will notice is appear on the final signature certificate as well as anywhere you place a sender signature field on your document or template. You can also use the reset option on the draw signature if you would like change the way your signature looks. 

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