How to add an Engagement video to your Template

How to add an engagement video to your template

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You are able to add Engagement videos to your template just as you would when adding a video to a created document.

Since this is a template, however, we recommend using a standard video rather than a personal video for a specific person.

For example, saying "Hey there!" instead of "Hi Mary..." to start the video.

How to add an Engagement video to your Template

  1. Click on the Engagement tab in the top right corner

  2. Click on Engagement Video

  3. Record a video straight from your computer or from the mobile app or choose an existing one from the library. You can also add one from Youtube or Vimeo

  4. All done!

  • To upload a video stored in your video library, a standard YouTube video, a Vimeo URL, or a video stored anywhere on your computer then click on the Library button:

  • If you want to add a Youtube or a Vimeo video click on Add new video +.

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