Onboarding - Admin

This is a guide that helps you as a admin get started with GetAccept in the best way.

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Hello and welcome to this step by step Onboarding guide where you and your team can learn how to get started with GetAccept in the best possible way.

Step 1: Introduction to GetAccept

Before you start setting up your account its always a good start to get familiar with the tool in general. Look through these two different articles explaining GetAccepts two different modules.

Contract Module:

Deal Room:

Step 2: Account setup

For you who are admins on the account:

Once you have received an invitation to your company's account. Please go through these guide to set the foundation of your account.

Here, we have gathered guides to help you get started with the settings.

  1. Overview all Settings.

  2. My profile

  3. Entity Information

  4. Branding

  5. Communication Templates

  6. Manage Users

  7. Security

Overview all Settings

My profile

Entity information

Manage users


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