Deal room

An introduction to what a Deal room is

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Deal room

Engage your buyers and get them hooked on your sales process from the moment you start an opportunity, by offering the best buying experience that digital sales can offer.

Simplify your buying experience

Are your customers navigating an ever-increasing load of email threads, attachments, documents, folders, and other sources of information to keep up to date with your sales process? Time to streamline your buyer journey. Time for a Deal Room.

How does a Deal Room work?

Create a room

Easily find the right template that matches your intended sales process, add a quick video introduction, and personalize the content.

Invite your prospects

Share the one-link access with your potential customers, set up automatic reminders, and track how stakeholders engage with your content.

Collaborate in one place

Create a mutual action plan, share new content via links or video, and chat with your buyers in real time, all within the room so no info gets lost.

Present a proposal

Configure a quote by pulling list items from the product library and collaborate with your buyers to build the best solution for all parties.

Share the contract

Ready to close the deal? Seamlessly send the signers to our Contract Room or link to your preferred e-signing tool.

Sales content management

A user-friendly content library with great search so your reps find the right content easily. Choose full templates that align with your sales process or collateral that pushes a deal forward like case studies, video testimonials, slide decks, whitepapers, explainer videos, and more!


Gain real-time insights on how prospects interact with your proposals, map new stakeholders when your content is forwarded, and shorten the sales cycle by acting straight away. GetAccept will become your sixth sense for closing deals.

Mutual action plan

Set a collaborative success plan with your buyers to mutually understand what actions need to be taken to close the deal. Provide a better buyer experience, more clarity in your pipeline, and reduce the stress of the unknown.

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