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Adding an email input field into the customer verification process can play a crucial role in guaranteeing the precision and proper formatting of provided email addresses. It helps to maintain accuracy and assures customers that their data is being processed with accuracy and precision. Plus, it minimizes potential confusion and delays caused by errors in information.

Accurately storing and verifying customer emails not only contributes to a smoother experience for customers but also promotes transparency in the customer service process.

For example, when adding billing information, the email input field is beneficial for both companies and customers.

How to add it

  1. Create an editor block

  2. Click on the blue plus symbol

  3. Select Email

  4. Then you can start adding the email address

Merge tags

  • The email field also allows the addition of our dynamic merge tags as well

    • Upon adding we will only display the email as an available merge tag

Email validation

A benefit of using an email input field is that it can validate the data that you enter into the field. This helps you ensure that the data has been added in the correct way.

Validation of an input field means the field will check that the data entered in the field is in the right format. For example, if an email address is required, the field should be formatted as an email address.

In the case of an email input field, if an email address is not entered with the correct format of, the field will be highlighted in red, to indicate that the field was not correctly filled out.

Email added in the correct format

Email added in an incorrect format

Should you however proceed and send the document you will get an error stating that one or more of your fields are not correctly filled out. Ensuring the data you enter is added in the correct format.

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