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Dealroom chat feature
Dealroom chat feature

How to engage with your customer with our new chat feature

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Using Chat as an Individual Stakeholder Engagement Tool

Interacting with customers through chat is becoming increasingly popular as a way for companies to stay in touch with their customers. Not only is it a great way to facilitate quick conversations and share detailed information, but it's also an excellent tool for making deals.

By taking steps to make chat a more granular engagement tool, rather than the primary channel of deal-driving communication, organizations can enable better and more meaningful conversations with their customers.

How the chat works

How to navigate to the chat

  1. Click on Chat in the upper left corner

  2. A new page appears where you will see an overview of your chat:

    1. To the left you have your chat window, you can get an overview of all ongoing chats within your deal room

    2. To the right you have the window presenting the current open chat

  • Save chat message as draft

    • You can now draft a chat message and then browse the other pages of the room without it getting deleted.

Notification when someone has sent a message

  • Get Notified of New Messages

    • Messages in the All participants chat notify everyone in the room, be sure to only use this when everyone needs to be engaged to spare your buyer from excessive notifications

    • We want to spare yours and your buyers inbox, so if there are a lot of chat activity in a short period of time we'll send you a summary of all messages in one email instead of several

    • We make it easy to be notified about new messages within your deal room.

      Whenever a new message appears a blue dot will appear above the chat button in the deal room, notifying you both via email and within the platform itself.

      By staying up to date on all conversations and projects, you can be sure that nothing important slips by you.

Chat Interactions in your Deal Room

Within the chat you as well as the recipient can interact with whomever you want to that is a part of the deal room, allowing information to flow to the right person and provide effective workflow without having to always notify all recipients whenever there is information flow only necessary one on one.

You can also choose to send messages to all participants as well.

To start a conversation you can either:

  • Click on the + symbol up to the right which will pop up all the participants for you to select

  • Simply start writing the participant's name in the search window

  • Here you can add more than one participant if you want to include more participants in the room if you do not want to send a message to all participants.

  • You can also see all participants and their email by clicking on the symbol to the right

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