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Create Updates to have a more lively engagement with your customers.

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Improving Buyer engagement Possibilities

Improve the buyer engagement possibilities when updating the room content and driving the deal forward communicatively.

By doing so you can engage with your customer more interactively by having a news feed where updates can be posted when making updates or when you simply want to engage with your customers.

Maintaining high levels of buyer engagement can be challenging when you're working with changing content, especially when time-sensitive topics are concerned. To ensure that all users are actively engaged and involved in the deal-making, communicatively driving the content forward should be a priority. This is simply put - a newsfeed for your deal room!

By investing the time to set up a dedicated platform for buyer engagement, you can make sure that everyone stays up to date on the changing content and progression of the deal.

How can updates be created?

Updates For Your Deal Room Content

Updates can be done either when you change your content or when you want to engage with your customers about the content whenever you want to, to have a more lively engagement with your customers.

Creating an Update post can be done in two ways:

Choose the Create post in the dialogue after publishing new content

  • Adding content to your deal room is the first step in creating an engaging, informative experience for your customers.

  • This can be done by adding/changing the content that your customers will be able to access in the deal room.

  • Simply choose the Create post once you've published the fresh content.

Create a post directly in the Updates feed

  • Creating a post from scratch is a great way to engage with your customers about the content that is currently in the deal room or that you will be providing in the future. A post can contain any combination of text, images, uploaded videos, or personalized video messages. We highly recommend using the record feature and engaging your buyers in a personal way. Record a video of you explaining the latest content in your own words, thank them for the meeting you just had, or remind them of tasks that need to be done!

  • Creating posts from scratch also lets you explain the content in the deal room in more detail. For example, you could share a video that explains the benefits of an item or a poll that captures feedback on a product. This engagement helps build trust with your customers and keeps them informed about the content they are coming to the deal room for.

What can a post be and what are the benefits?

  • A post can either be a text where you inform what is added to your content, and what's new, you can also add a video where you go through the content of the room or simply provide more information, a way of engaging more with the participants.

  • Updates can help you engage customers and provide more detailed information about the content in your deal room. Adding content to your deal room and creating posts from scratch are two ways to make sure your customers are informed and engaged.

Step-by-step guide on how to create a post

1: Adding Content to Your Deal Room

  • Once you've added new content you can publish and notify your recipients:

    • Update your content

    • Click on Publish up to the right

    • A new window will appear where you can select Create post to notify your participants about what's new.

    • When you click on Create post a new window will appear where you can write a post

    • Media: Record video or upload a file(optional)

    • When you are done, click on Add Post to Updates

  • Notifying participants When Creating Posts

    • We want to ensure that whenever you create a new post your room participants are notified. To help keep everyone in the loop we will always notify via email as well once a new post is published.

    • Once they enter the room, the post will always pop up, showing the unread post highlighted in blue

2: Creating a Post from Scratch

  • You can also create a post without having to update your content in your room

    • Click on the symbol for updates up to the right

    • Click on Create new post down to the right

    • Write a text and/or add a video to your update

    • Click on Add post to updates!

  • Once a new post is created we will always notify you via email as well

Live interaction with the customer

  • Once you've posted an update the customer will see them the minute they enter the room, leaving no risk of any update being missed.

  • They will also receive a notification via email

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