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How to add and set up the Checkbox element
How to add and set up the Checkbox element

How to add a checkbox element

Updated over a week ago

How to add the Checkbox element

  1. Click on the blue [ + ] symbol

  2. Select Checkbox

Select the checkbox, fill in the label, and adjust the settings.

To add more simply click on + Add new

Please note: Add label is mandatory when choosing this element.

When you choose to add an optional text, an option to add a link to an URL will also be presented.

How to assign the field to either the sender or recipient

  1. Click on the text field

  2. Click on the Connect field to symbol

How to mark a field as required

  1. Click on the symbol left to the connect field to the symbol

  2. The default will always be that the required field is ON

  3. Click on the toggle to turn it OFF/ON

How to adjust the size of the element

  1. Click and drag the outline of the element to the right to adjust the size

  2. Click on the + symbol to add more.

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