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How to send a document from Hubspot via GetAccept
How to send a document from Hubspot via GetAccept

A step by step guide when creating a sendout from the HubSpot integration

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Step 1: Where to start

  1. Go to a deal, contacts, or company. This is where the integration is active

  2. Log into the GetAccept integration with your GetAccept credentials.

  3. Click on Start sendout

  4. In the next step, you will be presented with two options, either send a signable document (Contract) or a Non-signable content.

Step 2: Adding recipients

  • When you click on either Contract or Non-signable content it will take you to the next step

  • Here you can see that it automatically fetches the contact.

  • You can also in the search field add more contacts to your sendout.

  • Click on Next when you are done.

Step 3: Upload a file or use a template

  • In the next step, you get to choose either to upload a document or choose one of your premade templates.

  • You can also add existing documents from Hubspot right into your send out, and choose to add it as a document or an attachment:

How to use custom merge tags

  • You can also with templates fetch data into your document with merge tags from HubSpot (click on Show template fields to fetch the merge tag to add to your template in GetAccept)

  • Good to know! You can also fetch template fields without needing to start a sendout within HubSpot. Simply click on the three dots up to the right in the GetAccept integration and click on Template fields. Read more about it here.

  • If you want to know more about how to add custom merge fields in your Editor click here.

If you choose to add a template and it has fields you can easily see what's been added or add new data within the fields

Step 4: Engagement

  • When done you will be taken to the engagement step, here you can choose to record an introduction video. You can also choose one from the library.

Step 5: Sending options

  • And lastly, you can edit the document name and the email content you want it to be sent with.

There are different option to select before and when sending the document:

  1. Preview document

    1. A new window will appear where you can take a look at the document from a recipient perspective before sending it

  2. Open in GetAccept

    1. When you select to open it in GetAccept you will be redirected to where you will open your document as a draft in GetAccept where you can make more edits before sending it.

  3. Sign and Share document link

    1. When choosing this option we will seal the document and provide you with the recipient(s) unique document links that you can share separately to them. It will not be sent right away to them.

  4. (Sign) and Send

    1. This option seals and sends the document right away to the added recipient(s) of the document.

  • If you click on send you can in HubSpot also set follow-ups, so you will be notified when you want to follow up on this document.

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