Use this element to add tables to your Editor block. Add or remove columns and also add borders and background to your table.

Formatting Bar

After adding a Table element, you will see a formatting bar appear with a few different options:

  • Add borders to the table

  • Add a top row background

  • Add a striped table

  • Delete column

  • Delete row

  • Text Format - Choose from Normal Text, Heading 1, Heading 2, Subheading, and Small Text

  • Edit text to Bold, Italicised, or Underlined

  • Numeric Lists and Bullet Points

  • Text Alignment to Left, Center, Right, or Justified

  • Adding Hyperlinks to text

  • Inserting GetAccept Merge Tag data in-line, such as recipient, sender, and document information

  • Move the divider element up or down between other elements

  • Lock and unlock the table to be edited by users

  • Undo and Redo edits you’ve made

  • Delete divider element

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