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How to add and set up the Table Element
How to add and set up the Table Element

Summary of the Table Element within the Editor

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How to add the table element to an Editor block

  1. Click on the blue [ + ] symbol

  2. Choose Table

Use this element to add tables to your Editor block. Add or remove columns and also add borders and background to your table.

Formatting Bar

After adding a Table element, you will see a formatting bar appear with a few different options:

  • Add borders to the table

  • Add a top row background

  • Add a striped table

  • Delete column

  • Delete row

  • Text Format - Choose from Normal Text, Heading 1, Heading 2, Subheading, and Small Text

  • Edit text to Bold, Italicised, or Underlined

  • Numeric Lists and Bullet Points

  • Text Alignment to Left, Center, Right, or Justified

  • Adding Hyperlinks to text

  • Inserting GetAccept Merge Tag data in-line, such as recipient, sender, and document information

  • Move the divider element up or down between other elements

  • Lock and unlock the table to be edited by users

  • Undo and Redo edits you’ve made

  • Delete divider element

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