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How to add and set up the Image and Text Element
How to add and set up the Image and Text Element

Summary of the Image and Text Element within the Editor

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How to add an Image & Text element

  1. Click on the blue [ + ] symbol

  2. Choose Image & Text

Use this element to add an image and text in the same row of your document. You can choose one from the image library, upload a picture from your computer or by using an image URL.

The text box next to your image has the same functionality as a text block.

Simply click the image box to upload your image and type what you would like to describe in the text box next to it. You can use the divider line between the image and text to resize them, simply click and drag the line left or right.

When you click the divider line, you will see a bar appear with a few options. One of them has two stacked arrows, which can be used to flip the side where the image and text appear.

Formatting Bar

After adding an Image and Text element, you will see a formatting bar appear with a few different options:

  • Flip which side the image and text appear

  • Move the image element up or down between other elements

  • Lock the element

  • Delete Image and Text element

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