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How to create products and use them in your pricing tables.

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In the left-hand menu, you will see a section called Products. This is where you can add your product catalog as part of GetAccept's CPQ and be used in your pricing tables within the editor.

Please note: Only an Admin on the entity can create products in the product library

How to add products

When in the product library section, simply click the Add New Product button located in the middle of the screen (if your library is empty) or in the top right corner.

Once clicked, you will see an add product prompt appear asking for details. You can add the product:

  • Name

  • SKU

  • Description, which you can format and add hyperlinks

  • Price

  • Currency

  • Click the Add new product button once you have filled in all the details. You will now see the product listed in your product library.

Using Products in your Pricing Table

Adding your products to an editor pricing table is easy!

After creating a new editor block, simply add a pricing table, and click the Add New button. You will be prompted to choose between creating a new row or creating a row from your product library. Click the product library option and select which products you would like to add to the pricing table!

  • You are able to choose multiple products if you need and once you click the Add Products button, you will see them appear in your pricing table.

  • Once in your table, you can edit the quantity, description, or anything else to reflect what you need to present to your customer!

Visit our Pricing Table help article for more details about how to edit and format your pricing tables.

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