When adding recipients, you have the option to have them authorize themselves either when they are opening the send-out, signing the document, or both.

You have a few options for authorizing the recipient.

They can do it with a security question and answer, using their eID, or by having the recipient enter a 4 digit code before opening and/or signing the document.

When choosing the SMS option, make sure to add the recipient's mobile phone number to the contact before sending the document.

Important information regarding SMS sendings: Sending with SMS or SMS verification and signing with SMS is only available from plan Professional

Important information regarding eID: Only available from plan Professional.

How to add authorization for a recipient when opening or signing a document

  1. Create a draft

  2. Add your recipient

  3. Slightly to the right under the recipient name you will see a padlock symbol next to the recipient name

  4. Click on it

  5. Choose the authorization method of your liking

  6. Click save

  7. Done!

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