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What different roles a recipient can have and what they mean
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What different roles a recipient can have and what they mean

Once you have added all the recipients for a document, you can choose which roles the recipients should have.

Click on the text that says Signer under the recipient name and a dropdown option shows.

There are three different roles that a recipient can have; Signer, Approver (External or Internal), and Recipient.

  • Signer - A signer is a recipient who is to sign the document and thereby become legally bound to the document.

  • Approver - New! - You can set an approver as external or internal:

    • External approver - An external approver is visible on the signing page and in the recipient list, can be interacted with in the chat, and all actions taken are noted in the certificate audit log.

    • Internal approver - An internal approver will not be visible to anyone but the sender and their actions will not be noted in the certificate audit log. They can not interact with other recipients or the sender in the chat either.

      Simply a role solely for internal approvals.

  • Only view - A recipient of a document that can only read the contents of the document. This means that they have no active role in a signing but only receive the document for reading. You can see it as a CC in an email.

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