How to create a signing order

How to setup a workflow after adding recipients

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Do you need to create a specific workflow for the document?

Maybe give the recipients different roles in the signing flow? Here's a guide on how to set up a signing order.

How to create a signing order

To set the signing order for a document, click on Use specific signing order after adding at least two signers. The document will then be sent out in turn to the recipients.

To change the signing order simply drag the recipients in the order you want the document to be sent, or click on the number right next to their initials and set the number.

An example of how a signing order works

  1. The document first goes out to signer 1.

  2. Signer 1 signs the document, it will then be sent to signer(s) 2

  3. When all signers have signed the document a certificate is sent to all signers and senders of the document.

Only view as the last recipient with signing order

If you have a recipient with the role Only view last in a signing order, the status of the signer will not change from Waiting.

This is because they don't have an active role in the signing of the document.

Once all signers have signed the document, we stop tracking the document.

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