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How to create, edit, and remove an Editor Block
How to create, edit, and remove an Editor Block

How to add, edit, and remove an Editor block in your sendout

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Getting Started

When you're on the drafting send-out page, you will see a number of blocks listed and available to use. The Editor block is GetAccept's very own document editor! Think of it like any other document editor, like Google Docs or Microsoft Word.

How to add an Editor block

  1. To add the block, select Editor block

  2. Then select either New editor block or one from your Editor library

Within an Editor block, there are elements that can be added to build the document.

When you add a new editor block, you will see a text element.

Add more elements within your Editor block

You can add more elements within the editor block, by clicking the blue [ + ] button below or above any given element.

What Elements you can add to your Editor block

Content elements

Layout elements

Engagement elements

How to delete an editor block

To move or delete an Editor block:

  1. Click on the three-dotted menu in the top right and choose Delete.

How to add additional blocks

  • A little plus sign will appear when you hover your mouse before, after, or between blocks.

  • Use this button to add additional blocks to your send-out.

Once all your blocks are uploaded, you can add your recipients to the send-out, assigning them as either signers, viewers, or internal approvers. You will only be able to add a signer if you have a document file or editor block included in the send-out.

Please note: Adding a new Editor block always creates a new A4 page in the PDF version of a document

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