Click and check the boxes to customize your document with features you want. These will be default settings for the account, but these settings can always be changed for individual send outs. 

Expiration Time

Control how long the document will stay live before expiring. We recommend basing this off how long your sales process is. 

Allow Signature Transfer

Allow recipients to transfer their signature rights to the person they are forwarding the document to. This is great if you are not always sure who needs to be signing the document you are sending. 

Automatically Self-Sign

Decide if the sender will also need to sign the document before delivering to the recipients.

Collecting Signatures

How will the signers be able to sign the document? Using a hand-written signature (using their finger or mouse-pad), typing to sign, initialing? We also offer e-ID which is for countries that accept Bank-ID as authentication. 

Email Copy of Signed Documents

Select an email to send all non-private signed documents to and keep track of all interactions in one place. 

Adjust the location of the footer fingerprint appearing on signed documents, making sure it doesn't cover anything up on your signed document. You can move it up by doing -# pixels you want to move it up by or move it down by doing # pixels you want to move it down by.

Advanced Document Settings

You can now override the sender names for SMS, emails and also change the sender email address to always be one specific address. 

SMS Sender

If you want to change the name which is stated as the sender name on a SMS (text message) you can write the name in this field. A name can be 11 characters long. Not all countries support alphanumeric Sender ids. See the list here

Email Sender Name

The email sender name is today defaulted to the user name field, example, John Doe vi GetAccept could say ACME Inc via GetAccept in the email sender name.

Email Sender Email (reply to)

The email Sender email is today defaulted to the user email who is sending the document. You can now change this to be one specific address. For example if you want to have one email who answer all document emails instead of each user to handle it.

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