Installation instructions

  1. Set up a listener site by going to Setup, search for Sites and add a new site. It is important that the listener site has the default web address listener. Label and name can have any value.
  1. Check if you have the correct settings on your listener (listener as suffix)
  2. Install the GetAccept Salesforce integration here:
  3. Go back to the configuration tab. Login to GetAccept (Important: preferably with admin account that has access to all relevant entities). This step is to provide auth to the listener (in order to be able to update the document status in Salesforce.
  4. Add the GetAccept integration to an object in your Salesforce environment by clicking setup wheel -> edit page (on the page you want to add the GetAccept integration). Drag the Integration (custom, in the bottom) to the relevant part of the page.

All done. You will now be able to use the GetAccept integration in Salesforce.


  1. If the status of documents does not update, you might need to enable access for an APEX class called xxx. You do this by entering Setup:

Search for Sites. 

Click the site label Listener:

Click Publish access settings:

Click enabled Apex class access:

Click Edit

Enable GetAccept.GetAcceptListenerClass by clicking add (if not already added):


If you encounter any issues, please contact

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