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How to add and editing fields on a template
How to add and editing fields on a template

How to add and edit different fields to your created template for PDF and our Editor and adding link fields

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How to connect a field to a sender or a recipient

  1. Choose who the field will be connected to by clicking on field Connect field to

  • If connected to a recipient, they will have to fill out the information when receiving the document.

    Green field = It's connected to a recipient

    Orange field = It's connected to the sender

How to add fields when using an uploaded PDF file

  1. Click on Add tab when in a template

  2. Above you have the field Connect field to, here you can choose who the field is to be connected to

  3. Then just click and drag the fields to where you want them on the document

Here you will have the option to choose right away if the fields are to be connected to the sender or first added recipient.

If you have added roles or specific recipients they will be found in the field Connect field to.

Learn more about our Fields here.

What you can do when you have added a field to your uploaded file

Here are four actions you can take once it's on your page:

  1. Click and drag the body of the field to place it where you would like it on the page

  2. Click and drag the corners of the field to resize it

  3. Click the field and then the gear to edit its properties, such as who is taking the action on the field, the label of the text field, or setting a default value for the field

  4. Click and drag around multiple fields to edit them all at once

It is important to note: If you have added an editor block to your template, you cannot place fields on it from the Add tab. Instead, you can use the engagement elements to collect data from the sender or recipient before they sign your send-out. Read more about how to use fields with the Editor below here in this guide.

Adding our dynamic merge tags with the Editor

In your editor document, you can fetch data about your entity, document, sender, and recipient as dynamics tags. Making the creating of your document a seamless process, in this guide we will show you how to do that and what data you can fetch

  1. When you have added an editor block click anywhere within the block where you want to add the merge tag

  2. Click on the { } symbol in the formatting bar

Read more about how to use merge tags with the Editor here

How to add Link Fields to Templates

  1. Go to the Add tab when in your template

  2. Click and drag the Link field to where you want it on your file

  3. Enter the web address you would like to redirect your recipient to

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