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Document delivery: Email and link (E-sign plan)
Document delivery: Email and link (E-sign plan)

Send via email or share document link (eSign)

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How to deliver your document by email

  1. Click on the tab Sending up to the right

  2. Edit your email message and subject line (optional)

  3. Click on Prepare for sending

  4. Choose Send (if you as a
    sender also are to sign it will say Sign and Send).

Send the document by Sharing a link

  1. Click Prepare for sending

  2. Click on Share document link

  3. Copy the doc URL for each recipient and paste it into a separate email to the recipient(s).

  4. Done!

Please note!

  • If you have multiple recipients of the document you'll have to share the document links with each individual recipient.

  • When you send out a document by sharing a link the automatic reminders will not be activated. This is because there is no send date to relate to, and we have no validation that it has been shared with the recipients. If you wish to send out reminders you will have to do this manually.

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