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My received documents

An introduction to what my documents is and how you can use it

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Introducing My Received Documents

Throw that email filtering out and replace it with My Received Documents, a newly released functionality within GetAccept that helps you find all documents that are due to take action on.

With this feature, you can overview all documents that are sent to a specific email address from any GetAccept entity. You are also able to see what your expected action is, and access the document - all from one view.

How to access My documents

When you first access My received documents you will be prompted to verify with your email that you use to access GetAccept.

To verify simply select send code and we will send a code to you per email that you enter to verify. Then you will be prompted to verify again after 90 days.

You will receive an email with the code that you will enter in the next step when you have entered the code you will get access to your received documents

Here is where you will see all of your received documents where you are added as a recipient. For easier access and also the latest action from you.

  • To access the document simply click on the document name, and the document will open in another tab.

You can sort your documents by:

  • Data received (the date when you first received the document)

  • Expiration date

  • Sender

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