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A guide explaining the new action plan feature in the deal room

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The mutual action plan allows for easy structured planning of the journey from start to finish. By clearly visualizing the progress towards milestones with connected tasks you can always be sure to stay on track and reach the set goals. With a new dedicated page, you can have all your planning and tasks in one place, allowing a much easier setup and clear overview.

A fresh approach to collaborative success. Action plans bring clarity and cohesion to your team's efforts, blending defined roles and clear timelines into a seamless workflow. It's about working together with purpose and precision. Embrace the power of structured planning and shared goals for a more efficient, accountable, and successful project journey.

The overview gives you a clear view of the whole process and is a navigation tool to easily follow all the set milestones and the given tasks.

How to set it up and how it works

Creating an Action plan

When creating the action plan we recommend starting from a template room. An action plan can always be published and unpublished at any time in a room.

  • For example, you can publish it when you need it in the process.

  • Then you can unpublish it when you feel it is no longer relevant to the process.

  1. To access the Action plan click on the button Action plan up to the left

  2. Next, before you can add a milestone and get started you will be asked to give the action plan a name, let's keep this simple for now and name it "The plan"

  3. Once you are done you can click on the button + Add a milestone and get started

  4. Here is where you can create your milestone:

    1. Give the milestone a name for clarity of the goal

    2. Add a description to explain what the milestone entails

    3. Click on the button +Add task and get started

    4. Set a due date

    5. Select owners

    6. Save milestone when all tasks have been set up

  5. Once you are done, click on save milestone and you can continue setting up more milestones

  6. The milestones will be shown in an overview and each milestone's given tasks

Hide/show completed milestones

When a milestone is completed it will be hidden as it is marked complete. But you can always change this by selecting Hide or show completed milestones:

Show completed milestones

Hide completed milestones

Add formatting to descriptions

  • You can also add formatting when setting descriptions, it can be done on all descriptions.

    • For the plan

    • For a milestone

    • For a task

  • Here you can format

    • Set format for the text (Bold, Italic, Underlined text)

    • Bullet list

    • Number list

    • Hyperlink

Shortcut to add emojis as well in your description, can also be added in the titles

Mac: Ctrl+CMD+Space

PC: Windows logo key + .

Please note!

This can only be done on a description text, to access the format bar, simply mark the text and the format bar will appear

How to manage your tasks

Once you have set up your task you can only give it a due date and assign an owner to the task once the room is created, to give the task to a participant of the room they have to be added and the room published. Here is how it works!

  • Select the task

  • A new window will appear to the right where you can see

    • Status of the task, click on it to change the status to completed once finished

    • Set a due date for the task, click on it and a calendar will open where you can select the date and then click anywhere outside of the calendar to exit and save

    • Select the owner of the task

Once you are done managing your task click on Save changes in the bottom right corner, you can also select to cancel any changes made or delete your task completely.

Please note:

Only the sender can delete a task and change the due date

Only an owner of a task (can be any participant in the room) can change the status of a task

Easily arrange and change your action plan

  • To change the order of the milestones you can click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the milestone and select to move it where you want it

  • You can also drag and drop the order of the tasks in each milestone

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