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Commenting feature
Commenting feature

Highlight, comment, and resolve customer concerns within your contract.

Updated over a week ago

With the new commenting feature, you can now highlight specific text within the document, leave a comment, notify the other party, and resolve concerns seamlessly without any confusion.

Please note!

The commenting feature is only available in the contracts module and can only be used with documents created with the editor, not uploaded PDFs.

This feature is available for all users on the Professional and Enterprise plan.

How to enable the comment feature

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Click on Recipient settings under Document settings

  3. There you will find Disable markups and comments:

    1. To enable it the toggle needs to be OFF

    2. To disable it toggle the setting ON

How it works

  • After sending a contract, both the recipient and sender can highlight and comment on text within the document.

  • Once the comment thread is complete, either the recipient or sender can resolve and remove the comments.

Please note!

You do not have to start editing your document to be able to add comments, simply scroll down to the part where you want to add a comment to a text and get started!

  1. First, go to your sent contract in Documents

  2. Within the document click on the tab document

  3. To get started, mark the text you want to comment on

  4. Click on the commenting symbol and a comment window will pop up on your right

  5. Write your comment and click on send

  6. The recipient will be notified by email and can reply to your comment when they open the document


How to comment on a document as a sender


How to comment on a document as a recipient

For a guide on how to comment on a document works for a recipient, click here

How to resolve a comment

When you feel you are done with a comment you have the option to resolve it. Please note that only the person who created the comment first in a thread can resolve it.

  1. Click on the โœ”๏ธ symbol up at the top of the commenting thread to resolve a comment

How to view the comment history

When a comment has been deleted or to get an overview of all comments made on a contract, both you as a sender and your recipient can access the comment history.

How to access the comment history as a sender

  1. Go to your document

  2. Click on the chat symbol up to the right

  3. Here you can see all comment history that has been made as well as the option to filter out specific data and hide comments

How to navigate within the comment history

  1. When you have clicked on the comment history you can:

    1. Filter on All, Unresolved comments, and Resolved comments by clicking on the dropdown menu

    2. Filter on show latest and oldest by clicking on the symbol to the right of the Filter by dropdown menu

    3. You can toggle on/off Hide all comments % mark-ups: when you hide the comments and markups the chat will appear to the right in the document and you cannot click on Go to comment, to do that the toggle needs to be off.

    4. When you have toggled OFF Hide all comments & mark-ups you can hover over any comment and click on Go to comment to jump right to the part of the document it was made on and easily interact with your recipients

For a guide on how to access and navigate the comment history as a recipient click here

What happens if you remove a text that has a comment on it?

When a comment has been deleted or to get an overview of all comments made on a contract, both you as a sender and your recipient can access the comment history.

  • What happens when you as a sender delete a text that contains a comment when you are editing your document, the comment will remain on the document until resolved but will always remain in the comment history

  • The person who created the first comment in the thread can resolve it and you as a sender or the recipient can view it in the comment history

Please note!

If a large text has been commented on and is removed then we will not preview the full text that was deleted in the comment history.

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