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Connect a contract to your Deal room
Connect a contract to your Deal room

A guide to the Contract element

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Working seamlessly between a Deal room and a Contract room throughout a sales process is an important aspect of the GetAccept digital sales room experience. We've created the Contract element to create a natural connection between the rooms both for you and your buyers.

The Contract element lets you:

  • Connect one or several contract rooms to a deal room

  • Display the status of a contract room, with automatic updates

  • Display the different roles of the contract room and their individual statuses

  • Distribute the personal links to the contract room for your stakeholders who are participating in both rooms

Setup: Placement

You can place the Contract element anywhere in your Deal room content, based on your needs.

A typical use case for it is to create a page where you'll display the relevant contract or contracts to a deal:

  • Page - create and name the page where you want to display your contract

  • Section - create and name the section where you want to display your contract. Use other element to add contextual information to the contract as you like

  • Add the Contract element where you want it by finding it in the content picker, accessible through the blue insert element plus

Setup - Select a contract

Once added, the element acts as a placeholder for a specific contract. You can only link one contract per element, so if you want to display several contracts in your deal room - add one element for each. Press the add contract link button to browse your active contracts.

Here you'll be able to see all the active contracts on the entity. An active contract means a contract that has been activated in the Contract room. You can choose to either:

A. Send out the email invitations with the contract room, then add it to a Deal room to be displayed

B. Choose to share the contract room through the deal room. Use the "Share with link" option in the contract room, then connect the contract to your deal room and use it as the entry point for your participants

  • Use the tabs to filter on all active contract rooms on the entity, or just the ones created by you

  • Us the search bar to find contract rooms based on name

  • Use the columns to sort the contract room table based on name, creator or created date

  • Display the contract details to review the signers, deal value and expiration date

Select the contract room you want to connect to proceed.

Setup - When a contract has been connected to the room

Once a contract room has been connected, the following things will be automatically synced to the element:

  • The contract room name will be added to the element title

  • All roles of the contract room will be listed in the element displaying the following information

    • Role

    • Name

    • Title

    • Company

    • Email

    • The respective status of a role

  • The persons who are participants in both the contract and deal room will automatically be mapped. Mapped participants will be able to view their personal links to the contract room through the contract element

You can use the element settings menu to choose which information should be displayed in the element.

Use the description field to add more contextual information about the specific contract

  • If you press the information icon of the contract element you'll find a direct link to the contract room, if you want to make edits to the contract content or add more roles.

  • New matches between the contract and deal room participants will be automatically mapped. E.g if you add a new person as Only view role to the contract, that is already a participant of the deal room, they'll automatically get mapped and have their personal link available in the element.

Share your contract with your participants

  • Once you've done configuring your contract element, you share it with your participants by publishing the new version of the deal room just as you would with any new content.

  • Only the participants that have been successfully mapped will be able to see the content of the contract element. This is done for security reasons, so confidential information in the contract isn't shared in any way with the wrong people.

  • When reviewing the contract element as a participant that has been successfully mapped, they, and only them, will have a button available that opens their personal link into the contract room.

An example of how it can look for the participant

In the example below, where Deandra is visiting the deal room, she sees the "Review contract" button that will take her to the contract room using her personal link. When Dennis is visiting the deal room, he will not see Deandra's button, but rather his own button with his own personal link.

Deandra's participant view of the contract element:

As the statuses of the contract room change, or changes are made to the contract room, they will be reflected automatically in the contract element without any publish needed.

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