Start by creating a new automated cloud flow in Power Automate.

Add a new step to download the signed document

And select the Document Id from the trigger

Create a new step and search for Dynamics 365 then select "Create a new record" action.

Enter a title for the note, select Yes under Is Document and enter the following expression under Document Contents:


Enter a filename, example: "Document ID".pdf

When you send out a document using the GetAccept Dynamics 365 integration it will store the account identifier in the External ID.



To use this identifier we need to slice out the account id from the string using an expression.

slice(triggerOutputs()?['body/document/external_id'], 9, -1)

Your flow should look something like this

Save the flow and select Test manually.

Send out a document from Dynamics 365 using the GetAccept integration.

Open the document and sign it.

Update the account in Dynamics 365 and look under notes to see the added note with the signed PDF document attached.

Good luck!

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