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Importing documents to GetAccept via email
Importing documents to GetAccept via email

How to import documents to GetAccept via email and json

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How to import documents to GetAccept via email and json

There's a possibility to import document content via email by using our function called Email document import which is listed under integrations.

To do this, go to Settings >Integrations then navigate to Email document import and click on Settings:

A new modal opens up and shows you which emails you should send to, to import document content to GetAccept.

Use the first email if you're sending from an email that has a registered GetAccept user account (if the user is active on multiple entities, it will default to the entity where the user was first added). If you want another entity to be chosen, please select the second email to send to (this email address is unique for each user AND entity):

To select an email, simply click on the field, either General email address or Unique email address. Then click Save when done.

How to import documents to GetAccept

All done with the setup within GetAccept. Now you need to compose an email.

The simplest way of doing this is just sending an email to this email you've setup in the integration:

It should contain a subject and the document as an attached file (same file types supported as in GetAccept), this document will then end up in Document->Draft with the document uploaded.

If you send the email from your registered email on your user profile in GetAccept you can use the general email address and it will automatically be imported and added to your document list.

If you have to send the email from another address, use your unique inbound email address to connect it with your entity and user profile.

The email subject line will be used as document name but can easily be changed later. We recommend you to bookmark these addresses to quickly import your documents.

Advanced setup

If your needs are a bit more advanced (or if you're doing this via Zapier/Power Automate) you can also add JSON information to the email body in the following fashion:


โ€‹is_automatic_sending controls whether the document should be sent automatically, or if it should be created as a draft in GetAccept. To send a document automatically, you must add at least one recipient.

If you have more specific needs, please look at our API documentation for a more advanced request.

Please note that if you do not supply this json, the document created in GetAccept will have the following properties:

{"name":"EMAIL SUBJECT,"type":"sales","value":"0","is_signing":false,"is_sms":false,"is_automatic_sending":false}

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