In order to be able to use functionality within the Hubspot chrome extension, GetAccept needs to be granted access to the lists tool which is a part of the marketing module. This access does not require the Hubspot marketing hub, it is enough with the free marketing access. 

Furthermore to be able to fetch product value parameters correlated to a deal (IE, products added to a deal), you need to have access to Ecommerce.

No timeline events show up

Check that you have enabled GetAccept in the filtered list of events inside HubSpot.


Due to recent changes implemented by Hubspot regarding permissions (March 2021), some users of our integration may experience an error when trying to search for recipients on the first step. This guide can help you through the steps of correctly configuring the permission setup of your users so that GetAccept functions again correctly. These steps will require a super admin in Hubspot.

If users are getting the error above, please follow these instructions.

  1. In HubSpot, go to Profile & Preferences

2. Navigate to “Users & Teams” and search on your user

3. When clicking on your name, on the “CRM” tab, you want to make sure that you have “Edit property settings” enabled.

(If you don’t have it enabled, please contact your Hubspot Super Admin so they can grant you the permission)

4. If you have it enabled, go to the Hubspot GetAccept integration and log out.

5. Then log out of Hubspot as well.

6. Refresh the hubspot page

7. Sign in to Hubspot and then sign in to GetAccept integration, and hopefully it will work now.

Google Chrome extension settings

If you get the error message above you might have the wrong settings for the extension in Google Chrome.

  1. Go to extensions in Google Chrome

  2. Press manage extensions

  3. Press details for HubSpot eSignatures by GetAccept

  4. Under Site Access make sure you have "Automatically allow access on the following sites" turned on. Like below

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