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Hubspot extension troubleshooting

How to fix errors related to the hubspot extension

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No timeline events show up

Check that you have enabled GetAccept in the filtered list of events inside HubSpot.

Failed connection to Hubspot

If you are receiving an error message stating that the connection to Hubspot failed, it can be due to two reasons.

1. Your entity is not connected or the integration failed to get the information needed for some reason.

If you are getting an error message stating that the connection fails, and it’s still happening if you refresh the page and/or try to logout and login, you might need to reconnect your entity.

To do so, someone who is both a super admin of Hubspot and an admin of GetAccept should go to and open Hubspot settings. If you are connected, you should click on “disconnect”. You should now be able to follow the instructions stated in this article:

2. You are trying to use a GetAccept entity which is connected to another Hubspot account.

A GetAccept entity can only be connected to one Hubspot Account.

To make sure that your entity is connected to the correct account, please ask someone who is both a GetAccept entity admin and a Hubspot super admin to go to to make sure that the correct account is connected to the entity. If it’s the case that it’s not the account you wanted that is connected, you will need to click on ‘disconnect’. After that is done, you can authorize the entity again, following the instructions stated in this article:

Google Chrome extension settings

If you get the error message above you might have the wrong settings for the extension in Google Chrome.

  1. Go to extensions in Google Chrome

  2. Press manage extensions

  3. Press details for HubSpot eSignatures by GetAccept

  4. Under Site Access make sure you have "Automatically allow access on the following sites" turned on. Like below

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