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Hosting a Link for a Send Out Using Zapier
Hosting a Link for a Send Out Using Zapier

How to set up a Zap with GetAccept to host a link for a document

Updated over a week ago

How to set up a Zap with GetAccept to host a link for a document

If you would like to create a link that leads to unique send out being delivered to recipients, you can now do that using GetAccept and connecting it to Google Forms with Zapier. This is great for Request for Proposal forms, submitting applications, or sending marketing material to curious prospects.

  • The first thing you'll need is your GetAccept template created. Then you will need to create your Google Form.

  • This can be done by going into your Google Drive, clicking New, then selecting Google Form.

  • Make sure to rename your Google Form, collect an email address from respondents, and think about the questions you want to collect answers to.

  • These answers they input are what we're able to merge into the labeled text fields you have on your created GetAccept template.

  • Before finishing your Google Form, there is one very important thing to do before being able to connect it Zapier.

  • We need to collect the responses from your Google Form into a Google Sheet.

  • To do this, click on Responses on your Google Form and click the Google Sheets small icon.

  • This will create and open a Google Sheet that you can now connect to in Zapier.

  • Now open Zapier and click Make a Zap!

  • Make sure to rename the Zap and then as your trigger app, select Google Forms.

  • Choose the New Response in Spreadsheet option for your trigger.

  • Sign into your Google Drive account and select the Google Sheet that was created to collect your Google Form responses.

  • Then select the Worksheet in the Sheet you want to connect to.

  • After pulling samples from your Google Form, you can choose GetAccept as your action app.

  • Select the Send Template action and sign into your GetAccept account.

  • You will now need to fill in the GetAccept Template options provided.

  • Depending on the type of send-out you are delivering, the options should look similar to below.

  • Click Continue and test the Zap.

  • Once it passes the test, click finish, and turn the Zap on!

  • Now you can have your template delivered to anyone that submits your Google Form and, if it is a signable document, they will be able to sign it!

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