Connecting to Google Docs

How to connect your GetAccept account to Google Docs

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You can create templates using Google Docs, which allows you to inline edit your document before sending it out. This is great for keeping the formatting the same throughout the doc and easily editing the content right from within your GetAccept account.

IMPORTANT: To be able to authorize your Google account you have to login to GetAccept through the URL  Meaning you can not use your SUBDOMAIN  <your-domain> when you authorize and connect the integration. To do this follow these instructions before you continue:

  1. Login with you credentials (you should be admin)

  2. Now follow below instructions

How to connect your GetAccept account to Google Docs

  1. To connect to Google Docs, go to Settings

  2. Select Integrations

  3. Scroll down until you see Google Docs

  4. Select Settings

  5. You will then see a window appear that will ask you to Authorize Google Docs to be able to access your GetAccept account.

  6. Click the Authorize Google Docs button and choose the Gmail Account with the Google Drive you want to access.

  7. Once you choose your account, it will ask you to allow GetAccept to access your Google Drive. It's important to note that GetAccept will only have access to the documents and folders that are created through the integration.

  8. Click the Allow button and you will be connected! Now you can view and manage the Documents and Templates folders that GetAccept creates with the integration.

  • Please note: for your colleagues to be able to create and edit documents from your Google Docs templates, they need to be logged into a Google account in their browser. You will have to give them edit access to the document folder and read access to the template folder on your Google Drive.

  • This is not handled by our integration, so you will have to set that permissions manually in Google Drive.
    If they are supposed to be able to edit the templates, they will need edit access to the template folder.

  • Each user must be logged into a google / gmail / gsuite account - but several users can share a login. You can, for example, set up a free gmail address that is shared with the colleagues.

  • The account you use to share / edit Google docs documents does not have to be the same account as in GetAccept. This sharing right is completely outside GetAccept and is handled by Google.


  • If the connection does not work you can go to the folder you intended to share on your drive and check if is added as editor. By pressing the icon that looks like two people next to the folder name.

  • This will show who has right to view and edit the folder. If it is set up correctly it should look something like this.

  • If is not added to the list as an editor this means you might have tried to share the wrong account as it is added automatically when setting up the integration.

  • If you can not open the template in GetAccept check if you are using the correct format in your drive. To be able to edit the document in your drive it needs to be a Google document. You can see if it is a Google document if you enter the file on your drive. If it is a Google document it should look like this next to your title.

  • As you can see there is no tag stating what file type it is if you are using another format there will appear a tag next to the title, like in this example.

  • As you can see, the tag docx appears here stating that it is a docx file you cannot edit via GetAccept.

  • If you get the following error code when trying to set up the Google Docs integration:

    Error 400: redirect_uri_mismatch

  • Start by checking if you are using your subdomain in your URL to the GetAccept web application. When trying to authorize Google will not allow requests coming from a subdomain and you need to change the URL to instead.

  • If you press the edit icon and nothing shows up in the pop-up but a grey empty window. Make sure you do not have a popup blocker blocking the window from working.

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