Once you have selected GetAccept as your trigger application, you'll be asked to choose which trigger you'd like to use. You can choose from Document Reviewed, Sent, Signed, Viewed (Opened), or Created. 

In our example, we will choose the trigger. Document Reviewed, meaning they went through and read the whole document.

Next, you will then be asked to choose the GetAccept account you want to login and access data from. In this case, I will choose the one named GetAccept. 

Then it will ask you if you'd like this Zap's trigger to cover everybodies' events on the account or if it should only cover the events made under your user account.

Finally, it will ask you to test the connection. To test, create a document in GetAccept (under the chosen account), send it, open it, review it, and sign it to close it out. Go back into Zapier and you should see the test successful!

Click Continue to add more to your Zap workflow, such as your action application, or a filter. In this case, we will create a filter before adding the action application, since we only want to send a Case Study if they have reviewed our Post-Meeting Notes.

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