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Click-to-Call with Twilio

How to add a call button to your send outs

Updated over a week ago

How to add a call button to your documents

One simple integration that is available for users and admins to set up is our Twilio integration. With this connection, recipients will be able to call the sender and owner of the account with a click of a button. This is great for when recipients would like to talk to a person right away over the phone.

To set up the integration, go to Settings > Integrations >Twilio and click on Settings

Type the number you would like to connect to the account and click on Connect.

You will then be called and asked to dial the code that is provided to you.

Once the code is entered, it will be connected and you can hang up. You now have successfully set up the Twilio integration!

Please note:

  • This integration can be connected to each user's account. This means every user can use their individual office phones or business cell phones when trying to be reached.

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